Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Farmers Pick? You’ll find a lot of the answers right here on this page – and if not, please drop us a line.


Where do your products come from?

We source all our fresh produce exclusively from Australian farms. Currently, we work with around 50 farmers, and the list is growing! This means we can source pretty much all the varieties of fresh fruit and veg that you’d find in a major supermarket. It’s just as fresh and just as tasty – just a bit more interesting, and much cheaper.

Our pantry staples are sourced from specialist producers, from coffee roasters to preserve makers. We’re able to buy these products for less (and save you money) when there’s an excess, or when products are short-dated (don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to eat it).

Why does ‘imperfect’ food get rejected by supermarkets?

In a nutshell, supermarkets have unrealistic ‘beauty’ standards for food. If fresh produce isn’t perfectly even in shape, isn’t the right colour, or if it has a minor cosmetic flaw, supermarkets may knock it back, even when it’s just as good as the ‘perfect’ stuff. Fortunately, their loss is our gain – and we’re able to bring you this weird, wonky and beautifully interesting produce at a lower price – and deliver it to your door. This might mean a few marks on your capsicum, a bendy carrot or some big potatoes, but we think it just adds character!

How does the quality compare to what you’d find in a supermarket?

All Farmers Pick produce is 100% as fresh, tasty and long-lasting as anything you’d find in the supermarket – if not more. That’s because it comes straight from the farm, spending less time in transit, supermarket fridges and waiting around on the shelf.

Why is it cheaper than buying at the supermarket?

Due to its trivial imperfections, our produce doesn’t fall into mainstream supermarket standards, so it’s cheaper to buy from the growers. We also focus on the food that’s in season, which is more plentiful and affordable. Finally, we work on a delivery basis, saving us all the expensive retail overheads that supermarkets have to pay. When you add it up, it’s easy to see why you can save up to 30% off your grocery bill.

Why doesn’t imperfect produce go straight to charities?

The reality is that it’s expensive for farms to send their ‘ugly’ produce to charities, as it still has to be picked, packed and trucked. We think organisations like Foodbank and OzHarvest are simply incredible. However, they’re tackling a different side of food waste, usually taking produce at the end of its shelf life (not from farms, like we do).

How do you choose the growers that you work with?

We’re fortunate to have built up a large and diverse network of growers, primarily across the eastern states of Australia. We work with different farmers at different times of the year, but they’re all chosen based on the quality of their produce and the ethical standards they maintain.


We’re always looking for more farmers to work with, so more ugly produce can be saved. If you’re a grower who’d like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you!


What is typically inside a fresh produce box?

Our fresh produce boxes contain fresh, seasonal fruit or veggies… or a combination of both – it’s your choice. Whatever you order, you can count on it being the best available at that time of year (because eating seasonally is intrinsically more sustainable and cost-effective). You can see a sample image of what you might find inside right here.

How do I know what box is right for me?

Once you’ve decided whether you’d like fruit, veg or a bit of both, all you need to do is select the size of the box. We’ve based our packages on average fruit and veg consumption, with options for 1, 2 or 4 people. But of course, the best way to judge what’s right for your household is to give it a try. And remember, the more you order, the more cost-effective it is per person.

I have allergies (or picky eaters in the house!). Can I customise my box?

Yes – if there’s something you don’t want included in your box, simply list it in the ‘Unwanted Products’ section during checkout. As we source seasonally and based on availability, there is a limit of 4 items that can be excluded.

We also need to note that, while we do our absolute best to cater to customers’ individual needs, we can’t guarantee that products do not come in contact with other allergens through the packing process. We’re working towards achieving total exclusions of allergens in future – to be kept updated, sign up to our newsletter.

Do I need to subscribe to a plan, or can I get a one-off delivery?

The value we deliver is made possible by our subscription model, so we don’t offer one-off orders. That said, our contracts have no hidden strings, so you can cancel at any time for no charge.

What’s the Farmers Pick Portal and how does it work?

The Portal is your place to go for all things Farmers Pick. Just log in to get started.  The Portal is where you can manage your subscription, edit your order, change your delivery dates, update your payment info and more. All your details are securely stored here, and it’s easy to log in whenever you need to check on your next box or make a change.


How does delivery work?

It couldn’t be easier. Just input your address and pick the frequency of your deliveries, and your Farmers Pick box will arrive on schedule automatically. We’ll send you a reminder text so you know when each box is on its way, plus our delivery partner provides live tracking. And if you want to make any changes, just log into the Portal.

What locations do you deliver to?

Farmers Pick delivers to all of greater Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra – plus, we also service a large part of regional Victoria, South East Queensland and NSW. To find out if we deliver to your area, simply choose a box here and enter your postcode on the next page. And if we haven’t reached you yet, please sit tight – the areas we cover are growing all the time!

Is your delivery schedule fixed, or can I pick dates that work for me?

Farmers Pick is set up to suit you, so you can choose when every delivery arrives at your door. Even if you’ve subscribed to regular deliveries, you can change the dates by logging into the Portal.

I want to make a change to my next delivery. How far in advance do I need to do this?

Please let us know three days in advance.

Who will deliver my box and how can I track it?

We use a number of third-party shipping providers that hand-deliver boxes to your door. You’ll receive shipping confirmation via text for every order the night before, complete with tracking information. You don’t need to sign for your Farmers Pick orders. Drivers will generally ring the doorbell and leave the box(es) at your doorstep. If you have specific instructions for delivery, please let us know when you place your order, or via the Portal.

Do you deliver to post office boxes?

Due to the perishable nature of our produce, we don’t deliver to PO boxes. We suggest shipping to your home, work, a friend’s house or maybe a neighbour for safekeeping.

How do you keep foods fresh in transit?

We deliver via refrigerated transport using eco-friendly packaging that’s designed to protect your produce and keep it fresh. That said, we do encourage you to bring your box inside as soon as you possibly can to minimise the risk of food spoiling. And if you ever feel like your produce has been damaged during transit, please let us know.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering some of the cleanest and most sustainable packaging solutions in the food delivery business. Our boxes are made from a mixture of new and recycled cardboard and are recyclable themselves.

Can I return my box for reuse?

Sorry, we can’t take back boxes for food safety reasons, but they’re completely recyclable (and also come in handy for moving house, making forts and giving pets a hiding spot).


Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely! Maybe you’re going on holiday, or the fridge is already full of veggies – whatever the reason, you can put your subscription on hold at any time up to 72 hours before your next delivery. Just log in to the Portal and select the ‘pause subscription’ option, as well as the week you plan to resume your deliveries.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Hopefully, you love your weird and wonderful veggies so much that you’ll never want to cancel – but if you do, we completely understand. Simply log in to the portal and follow the prompts. Just one note: cancellations must be processed before the subscription renewal. If not, it won’t come into effect until the following billing cycle.

Help! I can’t log in to the Portal!

Your One Time Password to log into your account will be sent to the mobile device registered to your account. If, for some reason, your phone is not available, there will be an option to send the OTP to your email address used to log in. If that doesn’t work, never fear – we are always happy to help! Simply send an email to and our friendly customer support will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I reactivate my subscription down the track?

Absolutely, goodbye doesn’t have to be forever! We would love you to rejoin our amazing and valued Farmers Pick community. Simply, log in to the Portal and click reactivate and choose your next delivery date. Alternatively, simply send an email to and our friendly customer support will be more than happy to assist you.