On a mission to end food waste

Founded in mid-2020, Farmers Pick reduces on-farm and supply chain food waste, Australia’s biggest contributor to climate change. 

With over 4,000 subscribers, we are a direct-to-consumer home delivery service that provides fresh, ‘weird & wonderful’ (big, bendy, small, large, odd shaped, discoloured, blemished) fruit and vegetables up to 30% cheaper than the supermarket. 

In the past 12 months, Farmers Pick has saved over 600,000kg of produce, increased revenue from $18,000 June 2021, to $420,000 June 22, and $2.7m revenue in FY22.

We already have the farmers and infrastructure to service 20,000 customers.

A fresh, cheaper, waste-ending produce box, delivered to your door.

With over 60,000 boxes delivered and 600,000kg of produce already saved from a devastating fate, this small harvest box is on a huge mission. 

By cost-effectively buying produce destined for landfill, reducing the time from farm to table, and reducing wholesale handling, and storage periods Farmers Pick is cheaper than Supermarkets.

Currently we service metro Sydney and Melbourne, with expansive coverage across regional NSW and VIC. We have started, but this is just the beginning.

We have the infrastructure, network of farmers, and more customers every week that are determined to end food waste in Australia.

Farmers Pick works closely with Australian farmers to redistribute fresh produce that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. We have created a sustainable channel for farmers to sell more of their crops thereby maximising the viability and longevity of their farms.

Our modern supply chain significantly reduces the time from farm to table through efficient home delivery, reduced wholesale handling and shorter refrigerated storage periods; reducing environmental impacts along the way.

Our Mission + Objectives


To reduce food waste and build a more sustainable food system for everyone it touches. 


Better for customers: reduce the cost of living by supplying fresher, cheaper produce to Aussie households 

Better for farmers: create a viable and consistent channel for farmers’ seasonal excess and ‘rejected’ produce 

Better for our planet: reduced CO2 by reducing food waste and simplifying the fruit and vegetable supply chain


Jeni Jackson

This is a fantastic business. Not only does this provide a sustainable option to purchasing produce but, it’s also cost effective for households and convenient. The amount of food waste households throw away each year averages at about $3000. This is why I like that Farmers Pick gives you the option to say what fruit or veg you don’t want in your box to ensure all that they provide you is consumed and not thrown away. This shows a true and genuine commitment to reducing food waste and not just trying to get all their rescued produce out the door. It’s also a lot of fun to go through the weird and wonderful things you’ve received each week/fortnight. It makes you really think about how superficial the standards supermarkets have for fruit or veg truly are. Standards which result in huge quantities of produce being thrown into landfill to the detriment of our environment.

Imogen Champion

I am really impressed with the freshness and quality, variety and service. Delivery is always on time and the food is fresher than the supermarket. Love the concept of reducing landfill and feeding the needy.


This is a great service. I have been appalled to see how much food goes to waste due to being “imperfect” so I am very happy to support a business that supplies just that. BTW – none of the produce I have received has had anything wrong with it. Indeed, one of the cucumbers was bendy enough to double as a phone for my 10 year old 🙂 The produce is fresh, varied and interesting. This week I got both rhubarb and passionfruit! Lots of staples too like onions, garlic, carrots etc. I buy the single box and the quantities take this into consideration which reduces possible waste on my part. Ordering is dead-easy and the box just magically appears on your doorstep when you get home from work filled with veggie goodness. I no longer need to buy veg from the grocery store and I am happy to do my bit for supporting the environment in reducing food waste. Highly recommend this product!